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Tips When Travelling to Tagbilaran City

Tagbilaran City is the gateway to Bohol, the heart of the Philippines. It is also a place filled with history, culture, and beautiful tourist destinations. Planning a trip to the city of friendship? Awesome! Here are some tips & tricks from a tal Tagbilaranon and born & raised babe from Bohol.

  1. Bring a Jacket!

The most common way of getting to Tagbilaran City is to ride a ferryboat or fast craft. From my experience of travelling constantly to Cebu – Tagbilaran and vice versa, riding in tourist class and business class is like getting stuck in refrigerator for 2 hours. They always put the air conditioning on full blast – except for the rare occasions when it breaks down. So if you’d rather not snuggle up in the indoor accommodations, there are open-air seats available.

  1. Walk!

The establishments in the city of Tagbilaran are relatively near each other. So if you’re planning to explore it, I advise you to walk and use Google Maps. Do check though first for the distance if it is manageable and the weather if it is favorable. Tricycles are the taxis of public transportation here and they are infamous for overcharging. They overcharge us, the locals. How much more you, a foreigner? Take it from a Tagbilaranon who walks home from the mall 3 kilometers away just to not give those drivers the satisfaction of making me pay triple because I’m the only passenger and my house is not in a busy part of the city.

  1. Ask a Local!

If you ever get lost or are just curious about something, don’t hesitate to ask a friendly local. Most of us speak fluent English so don’t worry about things getting lost in translation.

  1. Eat Local!

It’s not always that you come to the friendly city of Tagbilaran and beautiful island of Bohol, right? So don’t resort to eating at your go-to fast food and restaurant chains. There are a wide array of delicious eats here and no one knows them best than the locals – myself included. I’ll make a post about that soon, so stay posted!

If you’re ever planning on coming to Tagbilaran, don’t hesitate to hit me up on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Let’s talk about how to make the most of your vacation to the city of friendship and beautiful island of Bohol, the heart of the Philippines. Who better to lead you on your tour than a tal Tagbilaranon and born & raised babe from Bohol?

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