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Behold Bohol

Being born in Bohol, Ramyer Travel & Tour has an in-depth knowledge of the island and its scenic tourist spots. We have masterfully crafted the perfect tour itineraries for you to enjoy while in the province. Each tour is led by one of our many Department of Tourism accredited tourist guides and serviced by one of our many dependable and high-quality transport services.

Each of our package tours give you a unique side of the island of Bohol – from its lush greenery to the glistening sea. We recommend experiencing each one as to see the beauty of the province in its entirety.

Choose your Boholano adventure now!


Choco Countryside Tour

Chocolate Hills Bohol Tour

Journey into the heart of the Philippines and discover the beauty of the countryside. Enjoy the province‚Äôs breathtaking natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. Experience the quintessential Bohol. 

Panglao Island Tour

Panglao, Bohol Island Tour

Take a scenic tour in the beautiful island of Panglao. Unwind on the white sand beaches, swim in the pristine blue water, and relax under the shade of the coconut trees. Discover heaven on earth.

Half-day Panglao Island Tour

Half-day tour of Panglao, Bohol

Glimpse into the beauty of Panglao Island. Panglao has gained a reputation as one of the most choice destinations in the Philippines. The island is rich in both nature and culture. Take a peek of the island life.

Island Hopping Tour

Bohol Panglao Island Hopping Tour

Come aboard a Philippine pump boat and discover a whole new world in the water. Because the island is rich in marine life, this tour will give you a beautiful peek at the wonders under the sea. Rise extra early to go dolphin and whale watching in the pristine blue waters of Panglao. Immerse yourself in paradise.

Enjoy the wonders and behold the beauty of Bohol with our package tours. Book now!